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The Urban Chocolatier

The Urban Chocolatier was born out of an artisan approach to gelato and patisserie. They handmake stunning gelato flavours, free from artificial ingredients in-house, guaranteeing 100% freshness all the time. The gelato is made by hand using a traditional Italian method using fresh ingredients. The result is a sensational gelato, full of great taste and…

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Picton and Co

Delicious things to eat and drink! Nestled in the heart of Cardiff Bay, a place where every bite and sip tells a story, Picton & Co offers a unique blend of local flavours, quality ingredients, and a touch of elegance, inviting you on an unforgettable journey from morning delights to nocturnal elixirs. By day, Picton…

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Giggling Squid

Giggling Squid is all about food with personality, cooked with expertise and shared with Thai generosity. At their heart is the spirit of Thai mealtimes – plentiful dishes, bold flavours and exotic ingredients – to be shared and enjoyed together. They started in 2002 from a determination to do things differently. To be one of…

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