The Rugby Codebreakers

The Rugby Codebreakers

One Team. One Race: Honouring the Cardiff Bay Rugby Codebreakers
A statue celebrating some of the country’s greatest sporting heroes, designed to ensure their stories and the story of the proud and vibrant multi-cultural community which helped shape them are never forgotten.

The People’s Choice
Following a public vote which received over 14,000 votes, three of the greatest rugby league players in the history of the game – Billy Boston, Gus Risman and Clive Sullivan – were selected to adorn a statue to commemorate the Cardiff Bay Codebreakers.

The project was inspired by calls from the Butetown and wider Cardiff Bay communities for a fitting tribute to the players who did so much to improve race relations across Britain.

The statue celebrating Billy Boston, Clive Sullivan, and Gus Risman was unveiled during a public ceremony in Landsea Square in Mermaid Quay on Wednesday 19th July.

Visit the Rugby Codebreakers website to find out more about the project and to learn about the 13 Rugby Codebreakers, who all hail from the Cardiff Bay area and surrounding neighbourhoods.