Mermaid Quay donates IT equipment to school children

We recently donated IT equipment through ITVET the Mermaid Quay site IT contractor. Helping disadvantaged children by supporting their education and helping to break down the barriers of digital exclusion.

The donation was made to ITVET’s Laptop for Schools initiative to be refurbished and distributed to schools and community organisations. The IT support and technology company has been running Laptops for Schools since the first COVID-19 lockdowns to tackle digital exclusion in education while supporting a circular economy.

Hannah Clark said: “As part of our ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ initiative at Mermaid Quay, we’re delighted to work with ITVET and their Laptops for Schools scheme. Technology has an amazing impact on what we can achieve, but not everyone has equal access to it. Initiatives like Laptops for Schools make a big difference in bridging the technology divide to give our children equal chances in life. We’re committed to continue our support and urge other companies to get involved and donate their unwanted laptops.”Hannah Clark – Mermaid Quay

CEO of ITVET Ltd, Richard Fountain, said: “We’re extremely thankful to our client, Mermaid Quay, for their generous donation to our Laptops for Schools scheme. Each donation enables us to FreePurpose more devices and put them in the hands of those who need them most.”Richard Fountain – CEO of ITVET Ltd

If your company has unwanted laptops in working condition, please get in touch with ITVET to arrange a collection.
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