Again and Again…Vinyl Banner Donation to Eto Eto

Mermaid Quay is forever striving to be more sustainable and actively looks to introduce the use of more eco-friendly options to the Centre.
However, in years gone by the use of PVC posters and banners were common. Used to promote events and campaigns on site, this really was the material of choice. Made from plastics combined with a polyester scrim it is highly durable, cheap, and strong but also a notoriously difficult material to dispose of.
With a number of these posters and banners stacked in a corner of a storeroom the on-site team at Mermaid Quay wanted to find a way to dispose of this material responsibly.
Working with Sylvia Davies from Eto Eto, based at The Sustainable Studio, we have been able to donate a dozen banners so far. These banners are currently in the process of being transformed into upcycled bags which can be found on sale at the Eto Eto online store and around the UK at craft markets.

If you would like to find out more about the journey of donated items? You can follow Etoeto on Instagram or Facebook at –

Or head over to the website for much more information and to find out how you can donate your used items.

Speaking with Sylvia she commented:

“As a society we make so much unrecyclable waste it’s quite overwhelming. Reducing the volume is a key and urgent task for each and every business. In the meantime, it’s good to work with companies like Mermaid Quay who take an active interest in the onward journey of their waste materials. And it’s all the better that Mermaid Quay is situated just one mile away from the eto eto studio, keeping the carbon cost of transportation as low as possible.

Through my business, eto eto, I make bags from a wide range of robust materials that were originally made for use outdoors. Still, Mermaid Quay was the first company to come to me with used vinyl banners. It took me quite some time to consider what kinds of bags to make with the assorted collection of patterned vinyl, and to source other waste materials that would complement the colours and texture of the vinyl.

This is the first iteration: flight bags with the front and back made from Mermaid Quay banners, a gusset from bouncy castle factory offcuts, and lining from broken tents and offcuts from a UK umbrella manufacturer. A new life begins.”Sylvia Davies | eto eto upcycled urban accessories

About Eto Eto
• Eto Eto translates to ‘again and again’ in Welsh and the ethos behind the business is to divert waste from landfill through fashioning bags and accessories from waste products.
• Etoeto products are practical. They’re robust, easy to clean and stylish without falling into fast-fashion trends.
• What makes etoeto products eco-friendly? Etoeto bags and pouches are made from upcycled materials both inside and out.
• What are the bags and pouches made from? The list of materials has a habit of growing! However, they can be made from umbrellas, bicycle inner tubes, seat belts, factory waste, airbeds, tents, paddling pools, camping chairs jeans and textiles.