Busking at Mermaid Quay

Mermaid Quay welcomes buskers all year round, although as Mermaid Quay is an outdoor venue, the summer months are most popular. Busking is NOT permitted without prior approval.

Mermaid Quay offers a unique, waterside busking opportunity for all performers including:

Living Statues
Street Entertainers

If you are interested in applying to busk at Mermaid Quay, please email [email protected] with a brief description of your performance & music style (including how many people are part of the performance) and a link to a demo video/YouTube clip or similar. Please also let us know when you would like to perform and confirm if you need power.

We will then get in touch with you direct to sort out the paperwork.

Please be aware that Mermaid Quay is an outdoor venue. There is only limited cover available for buskers to use in heavy rain or other adverse weather conditions.

All buskers must agree to abide by Mermaid Quay’s strict site rules regarding site access, health & safety and other issues, as detailed in the Terms & Conditions below.

For more information about Mermaid Quay, please click here.


  • Buskers are not permitted to perform without prior arrangement. Any performers found to be ‘fly’ busking will be removed from site by Security and all future busking dates will be cancelled. Contact Mermaid Quay at [email protected] to arrange busking.
  • All busking performances will take place in the location identified by Mermaid Quay staff on the day of the performance. Although busking usually takes place on the Quayside, by the People Like Us statue, the busking location may vary, depending on what other events are taking place. Buskers are not permitted to move to another location without the express permission of Mermaid Quay staff.
  • Buskers are required to complete a busking permit form. This form will be provided once a performance date has been confirmed. It must be completed, signed and returned to [email protected] at least 3 working days in advance of the performance date.
  • All buskers are required to submit a risk assessment. A template will be supplied with the busking permit form or buskers can use their own risk assessments. The risk assessment must be emailed to [email protected] at the same time as the busking permit form.
  • If professional buskers have their own Public Liability Insurance, a copy of this must be emailed to [email protected] at the same time as the busking permit form.
  • Minimum age limit is 16. Children under 16 are not allowed to busk at Mermaid Quay.
  • On arrival at MQ, all buskers must report to Security to collect their Busking Permit before they set-up. Security is located in the Mermaid Quay Management Office, the entrance to which is between Yakitori#1 and Zia Boutique on Bute Street. Through the double glass doors into the Atrium, up the stairs and the management office is in the right hand corner. Simply press the security buzzer and a member of the team will assist you. Buskers must also sign out with Security before they leave site.
  • Subject to availability, Mermaid Quay can supply a gazebo for use by buskers to provide shade if it’s very hot or to ward off light rainfall. The gazebos are not suitable for heavy rain and cannot be used in strong winds. Please indicate on the busking permit form if you would like to use the gazebo and we will confirm if it is available. Mermaid Quay Security will decide on the day whether the gazebo can be used or not, and will erect it before the buskers arrival time. It is the responsibility of the busker to check that they are happy that the gazebo has been properly erected and that it is stable and appropriate to use.
  • Busking times on the Quayside (outside The Dock) are flexible between 12 midday and 8pm. Alternative timings can be arranged in advance as part of the approval process above.
  • Sound levels must be kept low to minimise disruption to visitors and the restaurants/shops. If buskers are asked by Security to reduce the volume of their performance, they must do so immediately and without argument. Volume must then remain at the reduced level.
  • MQ will supply all buskers with the official MQ busking mat and rubber matting for covering electrical cables. These items must be returned to Security at the end of the day, when signing out.
  • All electrical equipment used on site at MQ must have valid Electrical Safety Testing (PAT Certificates). All buskers must ensure that all trailing wires and cables (whether their own or belonging to MQ) are covered by the matting and are not a hazard to the public or themselves. Buskers are expected to ensure they do not create any other Health & Safety issues of any sort whilst on site.
  • Buskers must request prior permission from MQ to display any sort of signage during performances.
  • MQ is a pedestrianised zone – vehicular access is not permitted. Buskers must carry their equipment on and off site.
  • Parking is available in Mermaid Quay’s two-level visitor car park for vehicles no higher than 2m. The entrance is on Stuart Street. The car park operates on a ticketless parking system, using the latest automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology. Buskers must pay for their own parking in the normal way.
  • If buskers are asked to make any changes to their set-up (including location and orientation), by MQ Centre Management or Security, they must comply immediately and without argument.
  • MQ is a quality, family-friendly destination. All buskers must behave, dress and perform in a manner appropriate to this environment and to keep the performance area neat and tidy.
  • MQ Centre Management takes no responsibility for any losses or thefts of performance equipment or personal belongings at any time, including during set-up and de-rig.
  • If for any reason a busker has to cancel a performance, including due to poor weather, they must email [email protected] immediately and contact MQ Security on 02920 480077.

These Terms & Conditions must be adhered to – they are part of MQ’s strict site rules to ensure safety at all times for visitors and to minimise negative impact on Mermaid Quay businesses.

For further information, contact: [email protected]