Water & Wildlife Week at Mermaid Quay

This May Half Term we are focusing our activities on water safety and the importance on keeping our local environment clean.
We’re working with our local emergency services to promote water safety and wildlife messages. The week will include demonstrations, educational information, and interactive activities in partnership with South Wales Police, the RNLI and St John Cymru.
Alongside this there will also be two afternoons of free face painting.

Activity Dates and Timings:

  • Wednesday 29th May 2024 – Free facepainting between 12pm and 4pm on Tacoma Square, from Cardiff and Newport Face painting.
  • Thursday 30th May 2024 – South Wales Police will be joining us from 1:30pm to promote their Operation Seabird Campaign. This campaign engages and educates people on the sensitivities of the coastline and how simple changes could reduce pressure on our wildlife.
  • Friday 31st May 2024 – The RNLI and will be joining us between 11pm – 3pm.
  • Saturday 1st June 2024 – Free facepainting between 12pm and 4pm on Tacoma Square, from Cardiff and Newport Face painting.

St Johns Cymru (Timings to be rearranged, check the Mermaid Quay socials for updates!)

Refill Mermaid Quay

Did you know that you can save money, stay hydrated and help prevent plastic pollution at source by refilling your water bottles for free at a number of locations within Mermaid Quay as a part of the REFILL Mermaid Quay initiative?
Refill is a UK-wide campaign to reduce plastic pollution by making refilling a water bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible, with Refill Stations on every street.
There are currently 9 locations at Mermaid Quay and the Refill app shows you where you can refill your water bottle for free anywhere in the UK.

Gum Drop Bins

Giving chewing gum a second life. Gum Drop are the first company in the world to recycle waste chewing gum and convert it into GUM-TEC® compounds. This means that chewing gum can be used in many different applications.
You can spot our pink Gumdrop Bins in 4 locations at Mermaid Quay, so why not give your gum a second life!