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Chai St

Cardiff’s popular Indian street food restaurant chain Chai St brings authentic Indian city food to Mermaid Quay.

The chain’s existing restaurants on Cowbridge Road East and High Street (in central Cardiff) have seen queues of diners waiting to get a taste of Chai St’s high-quality, high value Indian street snacks.

The new restaurant in Bute Street Mermaid Quay, continues the original vision for Chai St – taking the philosophy of fresh, healthy and delicious authentic Indian food re-defined for contemporary tastes and applying it to the exciting street foods of India, to create the perfect food-on-the-go experience.

Chai St has a vibrant and exciting look to reflect a mission to re-create all the best aspects of Indian street food in Cardiff. The city food stalls of India are more than just a place to grab a quick bite – they are lively places to meet, chat and relax and are an integral part of Indian city life: the Indian equivalent of a New York coffee shop!

The restaurant offers some of the best and most exciting street food dishes from across India to deliver all the flavours of its famous city food refined to an exceptional standard, in a contemporary, chilled-out and friendly environment. Chai St uses locally produced craft beers from local brewers – Pipes Brewery.