Creme Eggs are back at Cadwaladers!

Are you ready for Easter? Cadwaladers Mermaid Quay is! Its Creme Egg range has always been the talk of the town with the Creme Egg ice cream sundae and Creme Egg Hot Chocolate. Now it has a new product to share – its newest creation the Creme Egg Waffle.

Creme Egg Sundae
Full of layers of Cadwaladers’ signature vanilla ice cream, chocolate and toffee sauce, topped with fresh dairy cream, sauce, chocolate shavings, wafers and a cheeky creme egg completes this indulgent sundae.

Creme Egg Hot Chocolate
The Creme Egg Hot Chocolate is Cadwaladers’ signature luxury blend hot chocolate with melted Creme Egg. Topped with fresh dairy cream, chocolate and toffee sauce, dark chocolate shavings and wafers.

Creme Egg Waffle
The latest addition to the range is a taste sensation! Cadwaladers’ sugary Belgian Waffle is topped with its signature vanilla ice cream and slathered in toffee and chocolate sauce. Finished with a Cadbury Creme Egg, fresh dairy cream and chocolate shavings.

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