BUPA Dental Care goes green

Mermaid Quay’s BUPA Dental Care has introduced a series of initiatives designed to reduce its environmental impact.

The practice

  • is moving from plastic to paper cups in its waiting rooms;
  • has launched a Recycling Point for all plastic toothbrushes;
  • is working on a project to convert all lighting to LED which is already completed in the waiting area and is now being introduced into the consultation rooms;
  • is replacing plastic flossing sticks with a bamboo variety;
  • has joined the REFILL Mermaid Quay scheme to allow members of the public to get free water refills, thereby reducing demand for single use plastics – see more info here

In addition, two of the dentists are now walking or cycling to work rather than driving in order to further reduce the practice’s carbon footprint.

Donna Lovell, Senior Practice Manager for BUPA Dental Care, said:
“It’s important that we all do our bit for the environment. We had a good look around the practice and identified a number of things we could do to reduce our impact. With these in place, we will be continuing to look for opportunities to do the right thing.”