New ‘kokoro bowls’ at wagamama

wagamama is creating a space on its menu this summer called ‘kokoro bowls’.

‘Kokoro’ is a Japanese word, which has no direct translation, but means “spirit, heart + mind”, so is a good term to use when talking about someone’s soul i.e. “he has a good kokoro”.

The bowls will include:

  • avant gard’n (vg) – collaborative new dish with vegan chef Gaz Oakley.
  • mokutan soba – these noodles form a bold bed for two fillets of tender miso cod, bok choi + fresh veg. Bold in appearance. Bright in flavour.
  • naked katsu a twist on a classic. Curried chicken on rice topped with fresh edamame beans and a side of katsu curry sauce. The katsu you love, but lighter.
  • nuoc cham tuna – seared tuna steak marinade in a tangy nuoc cham dressing sitting on a bed of quinoa and vibrant vegetables. Refreshed and perfect to nourish your soul.

wagamama is also launching ‘the tofu challenge’ to encourage little noodlers to try tofu, so will be offering a free sample of tofu to those that want to try it, who will be rewarded with a sticker once they’ve taken the ‘tofu challenge’!