Crepe Escape - Plastic Free pic


The Crepe Escape at Mermaid Quay is leading the way in the campaign against plastic pollution by replacing single-use plastics with compostable alternatives – great for the environment and perfect material for processing in Mermaid Quay’s on-site food waste bio-digester.

All takeaway cups and straws at The Crepe Escape are now biodegradable with wooden cutlery for takeaway meals and ice cream. The majority of drinks bottles have been changed to glass and any plastic bottles are recyclable.

The radical eco-friendly changes at The Crepe Escape also extend to its suppliers, who have been asked not to deliver items in plastic bags. All fruit is now delivered loose and plastic tubs for The Crepe Escape’s luxury Gelato are returned for refilling each time.

The alternative, non-plastic items at The Crepe Escape are already proving popular with customers, with many posting their approval on social media.