cadawalders cup in greenery


Cadwaladers is passionate about tackling the environmental impact of all its stores, including the one at Mermaid Quay.

To further this cause, every customer who uses a reusable cup in store receives 25p worth of loyalty points AND Cadwaladers will wash out their cup, regardless of brand, so they don’t have to!

Plastic straws have also been discontinued with paper straws now available on request.

Cadwaladers is also focusing on reducing its footprint with the following changes due to be implemented soon:

  • All disposable coffee cups and ice cream tubs to be fully compostable by the end of 2018
  • Plastic cutlery to be replaced by bio-degradable / compostable
  • Take home tea & coffee to be packaged with little or no plastic
  • Eco-friendly bamboo mugs available to purchase.