Malpeet K9 Academy: Super pups to the rescue!

What does a dog’s nose know? A lot, according to Simon Mallin of the Malpeet K9 Academy, who visited HusQuay with some of his own clever pups Haki and Jabari.

Simon and his team train dogs and handlers for security and conservation purposes across the world and HusQuay learned that Haki and Jabari have a very special role to play when they grow up.

Initially established to train security dogs, the Malpeet K9 Academy has expanded to train dogs in a wide range of disciplines across the UK and further afield. The Academy operates from South Wales, but the dogs that graduate from the training courses can end up in places as far away as Lewa, Kenya!

Last year, three dogs, selected for their boundless energy and sensitive smell, went on to join the anti-poaching team at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Their role is to help the team in their efforts to stop illegal poaching of endangered animals across the country, by sniffing out suspected poachers and protecting the neighbouring communities from violence.

When Zack, Maxo and Jack joined the Malpeet K9 Academy they immediately began their tracker dog training, preparing for the long distance walkies and varying obstacles they’d meet on the job. The staff also had a lot to do, including organising puppy passports and other paperwork to ensure their journey was a smooth one. The dogs even donned special uniforms, including booties to protect their paws from sharp objects on the ground they’d be working on.

Having passed their tests with flying colours, the three dogs are now working as fully-fledged anti-poaching dogs in Kenya. Zack has even been chosen to become an ‘Elephants Best Friend’, a group of dogs who use their powerful sense of smell to lead their human handlers to suspected elephant poachers.

It’s hard to imagine now, but Haki and Jabari, the two puppies that visited HusQuay at Mermaid Quay, are training to join Zack, Maxo and Jack in their efforts to save the elephants, rhinos and other species in Africa. If you’d like to help their cause visit their Facebook page: or sponsor the training course: