The GreenHouse may now have left the Quayside, but before it was moved our friends at Mermaid Quay’s authentic Italian restaurant San Martino took the opportunity to use some of the plants that we had grown to make a fabulous meal – creating a virtuous circle.

First chefs Guliano and Stefano, who are part of the all-Italian team of cooking and waiting staff at San Martino, selected and harvested the best vegetables which had been grown in the GreenHouse using a soil enhancer made by recycling food waste collected from Mermaid Quay’s 30+ restaurants, cafes & bars.

They choose lettuce, cabbages and cress – which had all grown particularly well.

Then it was up to the San Martino’s kitchen to prepare the meal. On the menu was cabbage cannelloni with a summer salad.

With the meal prepared it was out to San Martino’s balcony area to make the best of the sunny weather and fabulous views across Cardiff Bay.

And what better way to enjoy the meal than with a lovely glass of chilled white from San Martino’s extensive wine list? All while feeling pleaed with ourselves about how environmentally friendly the meal was.

San Martino Restaurant, independent, authentic Italian restaurant with a team of Italian chefs and waiters. All of the dishes on our menu are created with local and fresh ingredients.