In the GreenHouse this week

Since last week’s launch, our GreenHouse has proved to be a very popular feature on the waterfront at Mermaid Quay with lots of people visiting us, particularly over the sunny weekend at the beginning of the school Easter holidays.

As the first plants have started to settle in, we’ve introduced more to add to our eventual harvest, including cauliflowers. We have also started growing more plants from seed – including marigolds, pansies, lettuce and cress – so that we can really see what the soil enhancer can do.

Because the weather has been so good, we’ve found its been getting very hot in the GreenHouse – a bit too hot for some of the more delicate plants, so we’ve created some shade using repurposed curtain material

And, finally, we’ve started researching recipes to see what meals we can prepare with the plants we are growing.

If you’ve got any great recipes that use all or some of these ingredients – cabbages, cauliflowers, chives, cress, lettuce, marigolds, mint, pansies and strawberries – let us know – just email us If we choose to make your recipe, we’ll invite you to tea at Mermaid Quay!