The GreenHouse Takes Shape

Did you know that Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay recycles more than 100 tonnes of food waste on-site every year? Or that all our recyclable dry materials are collected and processed locally? Or that we send no general waste at all to landfill?

Our efforts to increase sustainability and energy efficiency have earned us an international Green Apple award and a place in the finals of the National Recycling Awards.

To celebrate, we are building a greenhouse at Mermaid Quay using plastic bottles and other recycled materials, in which we plan to use the digestate created from the recycling of the food waste produced by our restaurants, cafes and bars as a soil enhancer to grow vegetables and flowers, so creating a ‘virtuous circle’.

The GreenHouse is built entirely from recycled materials, including:

• old/used timber pallets for the floor
• reclaimed timber for the frame
• 100% recycled clear Greencast acylic for the windows
• recycled plastic cladding & door
• bottle windows
• second hand tyres, single wellington boots, metal sink, old wheel barrow & watering cans

It was built off site for us initially and then reconstructed at Mermaid Quay.

The plants in the GreenHouse include:
• Cabbages • Carnations • Chives • Cress • Lettuce • Marigolds • Minda • Pansies • Strawberries

Some of the plants were specially grown from seed for us off-site, others are being grown from scratch in the GreenHouse.

The GreenHouse at Mermaid Quay is open to the public over the Easter holidays and May Bank Holiday weekend.  We are also working with Cardiff schools and other groups to enable pupils to see recycling in action with visits to both the greenhouse and our on-site BioNova digester throughout April and May.  If you are interested in organising a visit, please email