Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is about fresh quality produce, handled and prepared with care to produce exceptionally fresh and delicious food.

To complement our food, we have developed clean, relaxed, licensed restaurants where you can enjoy our burgers – a great place to stop in for a good meal in a relaxed and casual environment.

If you have never eaten at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, we hope you are tempted to give us a try here at Mermaid Quay!

The Stack, Bourbon Street, & Major Tom all bring the flavours, while we see the return of Billy The Kid, the Cajun Blue & the fav favourite Camemburger. LOTS to do. Lots to eat. So go get some summer at GBK.

Check out the special offers page on this website, for details of any promotions or offers available at GBK.