GBK Presents: The Brisket Burger

GBK Presents: The Brisket Burger. A burger that brings the best of British and European ingredients together, working in harmony in one bun.

We mean business when we say BRISKET MEANS BRISKET. 2oz of the tenderest salt beef Brisket, a 6oz British beef patty, oozy edam cheese, pickled cucumbers and paprika onions, all held together by an amazing pretzel bun.

Proudly served in all our restaurants by amazing staff from 65 different nations around the world, we believe that the Brisket burger could just be great enough to reunite our divided nation.

The burger alone is £9.95. After the best Brisket Deal? Look no further than our Brisket Bundle; burger, fries and drink for a fantastic £14.95.

Available from 9th October until 14th November.